Born in 1963 and raised in Moscow, Andrey Odinzzov descends from a genealogical tree of several generations of artists. He graduated from the Fine Art college in Moscow with a faculty of graphic design. Throughout his education, Andrey Odinzzov acquired an excellent school of classical art in the field of drawing, painting, plastic anatomy, and art history. After graduating from college, he working in graphic design does not cease to paint. In the 1990s participates in exhibitions in Moscow. In 1995 Andrey Odinzzov joined the Union of Artists of Russia. In 1996 creates the design studio of graphic design PioneerdesignHe returned to creativity in 2008, to discover new perspectives in the direction of Contemporary Art.


He opens his studio in Tampa, Florida in 2012, becomes a regular participant in exhibitions and art shows in Florida, New York, and California. His works are presented in private collections of New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Tampa, Seattle, Chicago, Moscow, and St Petersburg. The paintings are often used by advanced contemporary architects and interior designers in their work.


“Being originated from digital and electronic media environment, images of my works, have, in my opinion, too many “noises” that conceal the laconic beauty of an object, whether a flower or a gorgeous woman head. In my eyes and hands objects undergo a process of refinement and transformation in an absolute form, sometimes to a symbol. The color palette, going through the same processes, shakes off all shades like understatements, and the local color gains its strongest sound, with all elements fatally interdependent. All forms are filled up with their new bright texture. Therefore, what was just a moment caught by a camera, now attains new, everlasting, bright life in color, wood, acryl. “