This series of paintings was born when I wanted to take a break from figurative art, which I had been doing for the most part of my artistic career. I decided to leave only the super material sense of color, which I develop in my work. When the paint is more than paint, when the ability to use 3D effects gives new strength and magic to color, and it begins to "sound" with even greater force.

In the absence of plot and the availability of simple geometric shapes, it is the color that becomes the main character in the picture. It is the color that concentrates all the power invested in the picture by the author. I would like my pictures to play the role of domestic generators of inspiration that just hang on the wall and eternally emit positive light waves.

In My geometry series, you can see the obvious link to my favorite Russian Constructivist artists, such as Lissitzky, Rodchenko, Malevich, and of course, their follower, Mark Rothko. In this series, I want to express my view and demonstrate my temper by means of usual sets of elements through the advanced features that are available to today's artists.

The use of "liquid glass" effect is of particular importance, adding new materiality and spatial option to pictures. Reflection of the outside world on the glossy surface gives additional interactive communication with the existing reality.