Artwork on glass collection

I have always searched for new opportunities to use my previous techniques. One of those finds was modern printing technology, which gave new life to my last series made using silkscreen. Firstly, color. It gained new power when united with glass effect. Paints became so fresh and vibrant, as if the work has just been finished, and this freshness remains forever. Also, the new perception makes it possible to create an image on both sides of the glass. Thus, a private micro space occurs, creating a powerful 3D effect and a new image materiality. Admit that no other technique gives such a peculiar impression of 3D. Finally, reflections. Due to the properties of glass, the surrounding space, objects, and people are superimposed on the reflection of the main image. The plot is organically complemented by the presence of the surrounding world. An additional fourth dimension is created that enhances and enriches it and makes it interactive.

Big peony

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